Wordsy Wednesday: Hooray For Grandparents!

Thank you to everyone who has followed me on my old blog, and thank you for following me here! This is my first post with my new blog, and I and glad we’re here together!

It’s perfect to start out on Wordsy Wednesday, because we all know how much I love WORDS.

Today’s word is “grandparents”.

My own family is SO blessed to have lots of grandparents in our lives and in our childrens’ lives. I know that many families aren’t so lucky, and I am so sorry. Today’s Wordsy Wednesday is a thank you for  Gigi and Poppy, Nanny and Papaw, Nana and PePa, and Mimi and Pappy, and Granny Lou and Granny Mary. All of you have made such a vital difference in mine and Jason’s lives, and in the lives of Jackson, Sophie, Ava, and Braxton. Bless you for always believing in us, always being there, and always caring!

Thank you to all you grandparents out there who make your children’s and children’s children’s lives so much richer because you care enough to be present! You are LOVED!

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I'm a girl who loves her family, books, crafts, and WORDS!

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